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Moving your bedroom can seem an impossible task when you look around and see everything you need to relocate. Bed, dresser, night stands and more, but when you are leaving your Salt Lake City home for a new one take a minute and learn about the fastest and most simple ways you can get this job done.

Most items in a bedroom were assembled and can be easily disassembled and put back together quickly.

When you are getting ready to move the bed you will want to take the mattress off first putting it against a wall and out of the way. Mattresses, when standing up can be flimsy so make sure it is firmly against the wall so it does not fall and disturb your work or crash in to the boxes you might be packing.

Like the mattress the box spring will easily lean against a wall and you can then start to disassemble the frame of the bed. If you have headboards and footboards you will want to disassemble these, as well and load them standing up in their normal position against one of the walls of the truck being sure to cover them with a moving blanket to avoid any scratches from occurring while in storage.

Moving a mattress is pretty uncomplicated, especially if you have the assistance of another person.

By firmly pressing both hands into the mattress at the top (at each end) and lifting you will find it very easy to work with and load on a truck. You can also stretch a rope from the left or right side and around, then under the mattress, lifting and loading it on to the truck, as well.

Your box spring should not be too heavy and you can quickly move this the same way.

Some dressers are able to be taken apart, but many are not and some have mirrors that are attached to them, also.

In order to lighten the load that you will be moving, remove the drawers from the dresser (your items in the drawers can remain if you choose to move this way), stacking them in a corner carefully. When the drawers have been removed you will be able to easily life the dresser and move it on the truck. If the dresser is a solid and heavy one the use of a dolly will come in quite handy now and you can find these for rent at any Salt Lake City movers company or rental company.

Any time you have a dresser with a mirror be careful to avoid damaging it. In the haste of wanting a move to be done mirrors might be left attached or taken apart carelessly. Take your time to remove the mirror from the backing and either pack it in a box designed for moving mirrors or use plenty of moving blankets to stave of any breakage.

Night stands are rather easy when moving. Take out drawers and tape shut any swinging doors so they don't fly open mid move and keep them covered, as well, to avoid the easily acquired scratches.

The rest of the belongings in your Salt Lake City bedroom should be pretty trouble-free to move. Take care of your clothes and bedding and if your are using a local movers company or a truck rental perhaps a good idea will be to transport these yourself, away from the dirt and mess of a truck.

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